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30+ Day Protection Complete Cart Cleaning And Disinfection With Durable Antimicrobial Protection CLEAN
- The Healthy Cart System Our process includes a biostatic antimicrobial coating application on the entire cart after our wash and disinfection process. This coating is invisible, food contact safe, environmentally friendly. The durable coating creates a bond on the surface of the cart lasting 30+ days. The coating creates long chain, positively charged ions that act like microscopic spears that destroy microbes on contact. The coating inhibits microorganism growth on the cart surface. Wash to clean away dirt and grime. Disinfect to kill and remove invisible germs. Protect with an antimicrobial shield between cleanings. Verify with onsite ATP testing. It's the Healthy Cart System.

Long Lasting Antimicrobial Inhibitor AEGIS® Microbe Shield® by Microban AEGIS® is a trademark of Microban International. AEGIS® modifies treated surfaces to protect them from the harmful effects of bacteria, mold, fungus, algae, and yeast.

Think of AEGIS® as a microscopic spikes and a treated surface like a bed of nails. Bacteria, mold, fungus, mildew, algae, and yeast are attracted to AEGIS’® positive charge and then stabbed and electrocuted by AEGIS’® long carbon spikes.

AEGIS® does not break down or lose strength over time. It provides long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy, protecting the surfaces where we live, work, and play.

In Store Marketing Display past, current and future cart cleaning schedules, information on the cleaning process and antimicrobial solution via a store specific online landing page tied to a QR code for easy access via customer mobile phones. Store Specific Landing Pages From cart coral signs and banners to online store specific marketing pages we help you go the extra mile to show your customers the care you take in your in store experiences. Short video presentations, on cart media, coral banners and branded hand wipes can all be provided as a way to infuse confidence that you are providing the best available sanitation program for your carts. Schedule a mid day cleaning as a great way to get customer eye balls on the cleaning process. The protection is invisible but the results are real.

The New Standard For Cart Sanitation Programs